KissManga: 10 Alternative Sites for Read Manga

KissManga stands out as a favored platform for manga fans, known for its user-friendly interface, extensive comic collection, intuitive navigation, exceptional HD resolution, and well-organized publications. Anime and Manga have gained immense global popularity, attracting enthusiasts worldwide. Various websites and apps offer the convenience of streaming favorite anime series and reading Manga online for free. 

Nonetheless, if you’re a fan of both Manga and anime, you may enjoy a lot of options. Exploring alternative platforms to the site for indulging in your favorite anime content is worthwhile. The platform indeed satisfies manga cravings, and there are some highlights of notable alternatives, each with its unique appeal.

This platform emerges as a viable substitute for the website, dedicated primarily to manga comics sourced globally. It curates a selection of top alternatives to the site, and this website notably boasts a user-friendly interface. However, it leans towards simplicity, lacking intricate features and customization options.

When it comes to accessing comic files, its enhanced overlay design enhances the engagement factor. You can enjoy the free non stop display of ads, frame rate drops, lag, and other disruptions. One of the most enticing aspects of Manga Reborn is its user interaction feature. Moreover, it enables members to engage in discussions and cultivate friendships to gain access to the latest comic releases.

What is KissManga?

KissManga held a special place in the hearts of anime enthusiasts worldwide, enjoying widespread popularity within the anime community. It excelled in various aspects, making it a beloved platform for manga lovers. The site boasted an extensive catalog of manga series, all presented in excellent print quality. Furthermore, its user interface was highly regarded, offering an intuitive and seamless experience. Regardless of the genre you preferred, the site had a manga series to cater to your interests.

Its commitment to regular updates, which included adding the latest content and addressing existing bugs, contributed to its growing fame and enhanced its reputation for reliability. This dedication to improvement endeared the platform even more to its dedicated user base. Moreover, Manga lovers remain in the query of what happened to KissManga and how to access them.

Website TitleKissManga
PurposeManga Reading Platform
Content LibraryA huge collection of anime, volumes, Manga stories
Graphics QualityHigh-Quality visuals
CompatibilityDesktop and smartphone
ReadingOnline reading access

Is KissManga Safe?

Although the site claimed to be safe, viewers have always enjoyed the safe interaction along with only a few errors. There are various theories and speculations surrounding the reasons for the platform’s shutdown. One popular theory, which seems plausible, suggests that search engines are being altered to prioritize legal and paid content. In addition, this shift in search engine algorithms has resulted in the closure of many free online streaming platforms.

Only platforms that charge for content streaming are allowed to continue their operations. These several free sites reconsider their policies to access their content. In addition, it raises the possibility that the site does not contain any harmful link. In the meantime, let’s explore some excellent alternatives to this Manga hub. Moreover, you can watch and enjoy your favorite content while we await any potential developments.

Is KissManga down?

The abrupt shutdown of KissManga and its counterpart Kissanime left manga readers and anime enthusiasts in a state of shock and disappointment. It undeniably represents a significant loss for fans of both mediums. The platform had established itself as the go-to platform for nearly 80% of anime and manga enthusiasts, serving as a comprehensive hub for their entertainment needs. The site’s extensive coverage spanned every conceivable genre and offered an excess of outstanding streaming features.

The impact of this loss was intense, as news of the shutdown quickly roused the entire anime and manga community. Across Facebook groups and social media platforms, enthusiasts came together to express their deep connection to the site, underscoring how much it meant to them. The expression of sentiments highlighted the site’s profound role in countless fans’ lives.

What Happened to kissManga?

Although the platform faced different shutdowns and complete restrictions but has recovered for viewers, the site is still closed for only a few regions but is available for common viewers. The platform garnered numerous positive reviews from users worldwide, a testament to its exceptional features and functionality for manga reading. In addition, lots of viewers reported the site’s closing and the site could be accessed through VPN.

One standout feature was the swift and efficient search capability. The auto-completion search feature allowed users to easily find their favorite series. Moreover, it requires just a few initial letters of the manga title for accurate results.

How to download from KissManga?

The process is very simple and requires basic credentials and data with instant registration. You need to enter the username and password in the required form. In addition, users can sign up after entering the recommended information and then stay connected through login at any time or anywhere. 

Moreover, you can visit the GitHub repository to download the Manga series. Simply put the link URL of your favorite Manga and click on “make run” option or compose up button. It allows you to download the separate directory in PNG files. 

10 Best kissManga Alternatives

You can find the best stuff to view as a substitute for a famous Manga platform that includes the same features and characteristics, including the theme and story. Here you can find some alternatives and websites like the mentioned site for accessing your desired Manga stories:



MangaKakalot stands as a “for the people” manga heaven, offering both the latest manga releases and a thriving social networking space for fans. Fans come together on the Manga Kakalot platform to foster various aspects of their manga interests. This platform isn’t just about reading Manga; it’s a nurturing ground for aspiring manga writers. Users can share the Manga they discover, create, or simply adore.

It facilitates a supportive community where artists can improve their skills and broaden their horizons. To contribute your own Manga to MangaKakalot, you’ll need to set up an account. However, if you’re here solely to enjoy the content, you can freely peruse the extensive library of Manga. 

Similar to other site’s alternatives, it keeps readers updated with the latest manga releases. Even more appealing, it also offers access to high-definition anime content. The site dynamically presents the content you desire in real time, solidifying its position as one of the premier alternatives.


  • Intuitive Interface
  • Best visual quality
  • Regular updates



1KissManga sets itself interesting by building a vibrant community around manga enthusiasts. This website is a haven for manga fans, lovingly operated by dedicated otakus. Here, you access an extensive manga collection and immerse yourself in a thriving community. Within this community, you’ll discover discussion forums, engaging polls, and the latest manga-related news. 

Some members even generously share their own manga creations, and the community’s collective wisdom helps them refine their work. The 1KissManga library itself boasts a vast and regularly updated collection, catering to a diverse range of fans. It’s a comprehensive resource with numerous categories to explore and a sophisticated search feature for meticulous searches.

In addition, one noteworthy point is that you’ll need to sign up to embark on your journey. While this may not be the preferred choice for those who prefer solitude, rest assured that other alternatives are available for consideration.


  • Attractive Interface
  • Good visual quality
  • Regular updates



HariManga stands out as one of the most promising remedies for Manga readers, drawing millions of visitors annually. It earns its spot among alternatives due to its all-encompassing and extensive manga collection. On the platform, you’ll discover a wealth of Manga with translations available in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Spanish for most titles. 

The Hari Manga community nurtures the impressive collection, and you can enjoy these translations without limitations. Moreover, it is a generous platform, priding itself on a fan-driven content repository spanning different manga categories. Moreover, the site offers a space for users to engage in forums covering diverse topics, from Manga and anime to gaming and fan contests. 

The beauty of the site is that it doesn’t force you into socializing or community chat. One compelling feature that sets the forum apart is its absence of ads. Different franchise donors and fans support this platform financially, a heartfelt gift from the community to the community. This marks a notable departure from other sources that contain irrelevant ads.


  • Intuitve Interface
  • Multiple collection
  • Good looking visuals



MangaReader presents another appealing option for those seeking an alternative to the site. Although it lacks community-oriented features, it shines with its extensive manga collection. It covers a wide array of genres, including school life, drama, romance, fantasy, mystery, action, the supernatural, and more. For those who prefer Manga based on demographics, it offers categories like shoujo, seinen, and shounen.

This platform allows you to sort Manga by new releases or the most views, making it convenient for users. However, it’s worth noting that there may be a few ads to contend with while navigating the site. Nevertheless, it stands out as one of the top substitutes when it comes to sheer manga collection.


  • Extensive Manga stuff
  • Ad free access
  • Regular updates



MangaBuddy earns its place among alternatives, offering an extensive library of thousands of manga titles. What sets it apart is its impressive sorting options, sorting the personalized choices of manga readers. With a diverse array of multiple genres, including the less common ones like gender bender, historical, and one-shots, it ensures there’s something for every taste.

When you explore the site for Manga, you have the flexibility to filter your searches based on manga type, manga status, and sorting order (alphabetical or by popularity). 

Rest assured, it keeps its content up to date with global fan favorites, featuring titles like Naruto, Boku no Hero Academia, and One Piece, among others. Notably, the Manga available on this platform is translated into English, ensuring that readers always enjoy a wide selection of Manga.


  • Personalize options
  • Sequence of the genres
  • Regular updates



Mangakik offers a straightforward manga reading experience that doesn’t involve complex community interactions. It caters to readers who prefer to immerse themselves in Manga without the distractions of a bustling community, making it an ideal alternative for those who cherish solitary manga appreciation.

The site’s simplicity is its strength. You can effortlessly search for the Manga you want to read, and their extensive collection is conveniently alphabetized for ease of navigation. Additionally, it keeps track of your reading history, ensuring you don’t lose sight of the stories you’ve already explored.

One standout feature is its randomizer button, a valuable tool for those confronted with vast manga collections. This feature allows you to look at new manga titles, making it particularly appealing to readers in search of fresh material when they feel like they’ve exhausted all their options.


  • Best reading experience
  • Bulk of anime
  • Regular updates

Manga Plus


What sets Manga Plus apart is its extensive collection, with millions of manga titles encompassing nearly every imaginable genre. It’s not just about consumption; you can also share your own manga creations on the platform, and the active community is ever-ready to assist in honing your craft. 

It wraps up its quality features with a strong presence, boasting thousands of likes on Facebook, a testament to its legitimacy as a source for your beloved Manga. You can add your favorite stuff by simply marking the option once you find it according to your taste. When it comes to organizing content, it offers an efficient sorting system that enables you to filter searches by author, genre, and the latest releases. 

The homepage highlights the most popular manga titles among fans, aiding in your selection process. The platform provides a user-friendly manga reading experience, accompanied by the valuable absence of intrusive advertising, making it a compelling choice for manga enthusiasts.


  • Intuitive Interface
  • Best visual quality
  • Regular updates



Mangainn presents another noteworthy alternative, particularly for readers seeking a premium manga experience. One standout feature is that its titles are entirely ad-free, making it an appealing choice for those who prefer an uninterrupted reading experience. Moreover, these manga titles can be downloaded for free according to your choice.

What sets it apart is its offering of titles that may not be accessible elsewhere, giving it a unique advantage in the world of manga reading. It also boasts a diverse selection of titles spanning various genres, catering to a wide range of manga preferences.

To access this exclusive content, users can simply install the app on their smartphones and subscribe for free, providing a premium manga reading experience. In summary, it stands as a strong alternative for online manga enthusiasts, combining a diverse library with an exciting experience.


  • Simple Intuitive Interface
  • Diverse categories
  • Online and offline access



Mangadoom stands out as a top alternative, earning the best choice selection by manga readers. It’s another dedicated platform for fanatics and manga scans, catering to manga enthusiasts worldwide. One unique feature of the platform is its recognition of donors who contribute to the community by ranking them based on the number of scans they’ve completed.

This website boasts an impressive manga collection meticulously organized by genre and sorted by popularity, making it easy for users to find their preferred titles. Its titles may be partially or completely localized and translated, enhancing accessibility for a broader audience.

One notable aspect is that you don’t need to register to start reading Manga on the site. However, it’s important to note that not all chapters are freely accessible, as they’ve introduced a coin-buying mechanism. Nevertheless, it remains a prominent choice among Manga reading websites similar to the site, credit to its robust manga collection and unique features.


  • Intuitive Interface
  • Smart overview of stuff
  • Find personalize genre



HolyManga is often hailed as a top-notch alternative for streaming anime content online. It’s renowned for its user-friendly interface, offering a smooth viewing experience devoid of lagging or buffering issues. One convenient aspect is that users can access the website using their Facebook or Twitter accounts, simplifying the login process. 

With thousands of visitors coming to this website, it garners significant traffic, primarily from regions such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, and other countries. For those searching for comic alternatives, it’s worth noting that some of the sites mentioned on this list can also serve as viable choices for anime content.


  • Simple user experience
  • Diverse genres
  • Simple interface


Amid the collective mourning for the loss of websites like the KissManga platform, it’s reassuring to recognize that new alternatives are always emerging for accessing anime and manga content. Some of these platforms even extend a warm user choice, acknowledging the shutdown of the two beloved websites. The website also distinguishes between titles awaiting translation and those awaiting local stuff.

These alternative platforms cater to diverse interests, offering flexibility to adapt to your unique reading style, preferences, and socialization needs. Ultimately, it’s a matter of selecting the Manga you wish to read for the day and exploring the various options available to continue enjoying your favorite content.

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