Animeheaven: Best 10 Alternative Websites

Many are working on anime programs in the entertainment industry, but Animeheaven has unique popularity. Manga comics and animations have greatly inspired millions of followers with their unique characters and storytelling methods. Hand-drawn sketches, computer animations, fantastic themes, and colorful graphics have greatly impressed the audience to enjoy the content.

The demand for anime has increased among people due to its engaging characters. People search for the platforms that provide them with such animations. Anime is a common word for characters like cartoons, animations, etc. These anime platforms have a reliable content source and a widespread fan base worldwide.

In this Article, users will find information about Anime heaven and its salient features, which help them find anime content. This Article also informs about other similar sites like Anime Heaven. Various features of this website fulfill user’s needs by providing quality anime.

What is Animeheaven?

Animeheaven is a trustworthy online platform providing anime content and streaming animations online. It is a streaming website that streams animations so users can watch their favorite animes. The website contains famous anime like Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, and One Piece. Visitors can watch the anime for free.

This website is popular due to its accessibility to the current content series. Visitors can visit this site to watch the animations, and this site also gives the option to download the anime. Users can watch their favourite anime and download the content with a simple click.

Animeheaven Apk App Download

It also has an application version built for Android users to watch the anime content. Its APK app is available on the internet. The Animeheaven app has extensive features and is easy to download. This application helps Android users to watch anime easily. 

The application provides high-quality stuff in HD formats to give an excellent experience to the users. The app is lightweight and does not need much space. The Interface is user-friendly, making this application easy to use.

Application NameAnimeheaven-Official Anime App
Package Namegg.Fouad.animeseries
CategoryComics App
Latest Versions2.0.0
File Size17 MB
RequirementAndroid 4.0 or later

Is Animeheaven safe?

Yes, It is a safe website to use. The website is safe as it does not use malware ads on the site. It is a great site to watch free anime online in HD Quality. This website has more than 40 anime categories and genres, which helps the users to download the desired content. 

It does not disturb the user’s privacy and ensures easy content availability. However, it’s not a legal site in terms of content, so it may stop working anytime. 

Is Animeheaven legal?

No, It is not a legal site. It is an illegal site in terms of its content. The site uses content that is copyrighted. So, downloading the content from this website may lead to serious legal issues. However, some websites use legal licenses to stream anime from brands, but these sites also use copyright content to show trust under this license. In Short, It is an illegal site that also promotes copyright content, so these sites are mostly blocked. 

Is Animeheaven shutting down?

It was an online platform which was providing content related to anime. Due to having copyright content, the website faced severe copyright infringements. After four years of working, on December 25, 2018, It was announced by the Official team of Anime heaven that they were going to shut down all the servers of this site.

Is Animeheaven Down?

The reason why this website is down is given as.

“Hello Everyone,

On 25 December, we are closing all the central servers of Anime heaven. From this day, servers, domains, and data will be inaccessible. However, the Dispute servers will remain open for you to discuss anime. There was a significant period of 4 years. Still, sadly, it is becoming too challenging to maintain copyright action.

Thank you for your pleasure and for supporting us, and we hope you will look at other sites like ours.

Farewell, Anime heaven team.”

However, some domains are still working and are earning money through advertising. These domains are not related to the official website.

Steps to Download Animeheaven Content

The original website was shut down in 2018 and is not working anymore. Still, users are searching for this term on the internet. If the website is inaccessible, the users can access similar sites using a VPN. Surfshark or lvacy VPN helps to watch and download the content from these sites. 

The other method uses Xserver, but this method has limited data available. However, Internet Download Manager (IDM) and 9xbuddy are possible solutions.

Downloading by Internet Download Manager (IDM)

Here is a step-by-step easy method to download the anime from anime heaven.

Step 01: Installing the IDM extension on the browser is the first step.

Step 02: Go to the anime website, search for your favorite anime, and play it. IDM will show you the “Download this Video” button on the upper right corner of the video.

Step 03: Select the location of your device storage where you want to download the anime.

Step 04: Press the download button to start downloading. 

It is a simple four-step process to download anime videos. It offers downloading in batch, which makes downloading speed become faster.

Downloading by the use of 9xbuddy

Step 01: Click on the file you want to download and copy the video’s URL.

Step 02: Search 9xbuddy on the internet and open the link.

Step 03: Animehaven uses different servers, and you may face issues in downloading. You can try multiple servers if one server is not working. First, select the server; choose the other one if it’s not working.

Step 04: Click on the video format and download it. It may take some time to download the content. 

Ten best websites like Anime heaven

Many sites are working with different domain names to provide content to users. These sites are illegal sites promoting copyrighted content. However, these websites are illegal but still working on the anime content. Some of the best alternatives are given.



Yugenanime is the best alternative site, providing the content of anime videos with free access. It is an exciting platform to watch and download anime. You can find over 6000 anime on the Yugenanime with many features that can be customized according to the user’s needs.

It is a free anime source with an app that is also free to watch and download the anime of your favorite. You can find thousands of Episodes with different genres and categories. Visitors can find trending, recent anime on this website.

Users can communicate with other anime enthusiasts over various topics with fruitful discussion. There is also a search tool that helps the users to find the name by just typing the name.


  • User-friendly Interface
  • Anime dubbed in Multiple Languages
  • Search Tool Availability
  • A mega collection of anime
  • HD Quality anime



AnimeFrenzy is one of the top resources for anime collections containing a massive variety of content. It is a good site containing dubbed and subbed versions of my favorite anime. The website contains the watch button on the front page of the website. A filter option is available to search the results. 

It also has social media share buttons on the main page from which users can share the anime on social media. Animes are categorized according to Fall, Summer, Spring, and Winter seasons. Users can find an A to Z list of all the anime and a daily uploaded anime schedule on the website.


  • Colorful Anime
  • Effortless Operating Site
  • Latest Anime Availability
  • High-definition quality content



Kickassanime is an online platform for several anime collections on the internet. This platform also provides high-quality anime free of cost, which users can see online. The word “kickass anime” is mainly used to define Japanese-based animations, mostly computer-generated.

The homepage covers a list of anime which are listed with the year name. Its page is organized with the categories of Trending, Schedule, Anime, Popular shows, and random. These categories further contain thousands of anime in them.


  • A search bar for filtering results
  • Multiple Language anime
  • Year anime Organization
  • Latest anime availability



Gogoanime is another digital platform for watching anime online. The main categories are Anime list, new season, popular, Kissanime, and 9anime. All the anime listed on this site are free of cost, and users can read these anime online. 

The recently added series of anime is also published on the website. A search bar is displayed on the main page so that users can search for their favorite anime with the help of this website. Gogoanime does not bombard ads on users, meaning it’s ad-free for users’ comfort.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Advanced features to filter the results
  • Updated content
  • Multi-language anime



Animesuge is a popular name in the digital entertainment world, providing services related to anime free of cost. An advanced search option is available at the center of the homepage, from which users can easily filter out the results of their choice. 

The Main Categories of this site are Genres, types, Updated, added, ongoing, upcoming, schedule, and random anime. All the animes are subbed, dubbed, and given in multiple languages like Japanese, Chinese, etc. 


  • High-quality anime
  • Excellent Audio quality
  • A massive collection of genres
  • Regularly Updated anime



Animepahe is an online website that offers users anime in multiple languages free of cost. It has a massive collection of various types of animes in different genres. The outlook of this website is simple and easy to use.

The latest released animes are displayed on the homepage of the website. Users visit this website to watch their favorite content online. The content quality of Animepahe is fantastic and reliable. The website is straightforward, even if new users can easily navigate it.


  • Easy Navigation
  • Simple Layout
  • High Content Quality
  • User-friendly Interface



123anime is a well-known website for anime streaming. Many anime and its unique content make this site popular among enthusiasts. The content of this website creates user engagement. The Interface is very interactive, which helps the users to find out their desired content easily.

123anime ensures the availability of updated animes to users so that every user can find their related content. All the animes are listed with their episode number so that users can easily search for the desired episode.


  • Updated Anime
  • Subbed and Dubbed Animes
  • Impressive library
  • High-quality formats



Aniwave is considered a popular platform in terms of providing quality anime content. It serves the users with free content. It helps users to watch their favorite animes free of cost online. Due to these beneficial things, it has become one of the main sites for anime enthusiasts.

The site’s homepage is complete with good-quality content displaying many animes on a single page. All the animes are organized alphabetically from A to Z. Users can search the content by the first word of their desired anime.


  • User-friendly
  • Free-of-cost anime
  • Easy access to content
  • No Registration is required



7anime is a digital destination for anime enthusiasts all around the world. With a huge anime collection, it is a primary choice for anime lovers. The site’s main categories are Anime List, season, genres, and schedule. Users can easily choose their content by selection.

A quick filter feature is available, which offers a variety of options to search out your favorite results. The site lists anime genres like action, comedy, fantasy, detective, adventure, and child care. Seasons from Fall 1999 to Spring 2023 are also available on this site.


  • Multiple device playback options
  • Active social media platforms
  • A trustworthy site
  • Easily accessible



Wcoforever is a multi-platform that offers the cartoon and anime series free of cost. Its popularity is boosting daily in the entertainment industry due to its multi-level content. The main categories are subbed and dubbed anime, cartoons, movies, etc.

The content is not limited to one language but is dubbed into various other languages, like English and Chinese. It makes this site famous among all the anime enthusiasts around the world. 


  • Reliable source of content
  • A dedicated site for online streaming
  • Advanced options for searching
  • English titles display


Above all, Animeheaven is an excellent source of joy and entertainment for anime lovers as it provides sufficient quality content. This site has gained popularity due to its reliable content and helpful features for anime enthusiasts. The site is providing its services free of cost to users.

In short, there are many sites like this website which are also providing similar services to users. The top best alternatives are mentioned above, where users can visit to explore more anime content. These websites are helpful when It is down or not working correctly.

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