Zuma Deluxe and 10 Best Puzzle Games For You to Play

Zuma is a popular matching puzzle game that Oberon Media developed. It was published by PopCap Games on December 12, 2003. The design of this game was so impressive that Jason Kapalka performed it. It is a hilarious arcade game that will make you more attractive.

This game is not complicated to play. It has a straightforward interface, which is why it has become addictive for many users. Most of the users of this game become crazy for this platform. 

In this game, you control the frog placed to defend the hole different balls try to reach. Your goal is to throw the balls coming to you and the hole. If three or more balls arrive at your home, they will kill your frog. This platform offers two modes: adventure and survival.

In adventure mode, you must cross different levels for the progression. In survival mode, users have to play for as long as possible. You can get it from its official website.

10 Zuma Deluxe Alternatives

Zuma Deluxe is a well-known entertainment platform with the best features and functions for users worldwide. Some alternatives to this game can be the same in features and functions. You can play these Alternatives in the absence of Zuma Deluxe.

Dynomite Deluxe

Dynomite Deluxe

Dynomite Deluxe is a top-rated game among users. It is a PC game developed by Raptisoft Games and Published by PopCap Games on January 25, 2002. John Raptis designed this platform. The Puzzle Bobbles series inspires the game, and its gameplay is similar to that of the Puzzle Bobble Series.

This platform contains four game modes: Endless, Stomped, Time Trial, and Fossil. Dynomite Deluxe supports single-player mode. You can install it from its Steam Store.

PlatformDynomite deluxe
TypePuzzle-gaming platform
DeveloperRaptisoft games
PublishedPopCap Games
ReleasedJanuary 25, 2002
DesignerJohn Raptis

Chuzzle 2 

Chuzzle 2

Chuzzle is another alternative to Zuma Deluxe. This game is a known gaming platform developed by Raptisoft, LLC, on December 19, 2018. In this game, you must slide the columns and rows to match similar colored puzzles.

This game is the best source to enhance your mind efficiency with the help of this puzzle-solving game. Chuzzle 2 helps deal with any issue in daily life. This game is not very difficult. Its simple and convenient platform makes it more addictive for users; you can play it on Android and iOS.

PlatformChuzzle 2
TypeChuzzle matching action
DeveloperRaptisoft, LLC
Released19, 2018
SourceOfficial Site and Apple Store



Luxor is one of the most popular and addictive puzzle games among users worldwide. It was developed and published by Mumbo-jumbo in 2005. This incredible platform game takes you on a fantastic adventure across the land of ancient Egypt. It is similar to Buzz Loop and Zuma, containing the same features and functions. 

In this game, users must exclude colored magical spheres by generating three spheres of the same color to collide. When spheres are excluded, the close spheres that form a portion of three of the same color will also be eliminated in the chain reaction. You can download it from its Steam Store and Apple Store.

TypePuzzle gaming Platform
SourceOfficial Site, Apple Store



Tumblebugs is a well-known, fast-paced gaming platform developed by Wildfire Studios and published by Gamehouse, Big Fish Games, and Atari on May 18, 2005. This game contains a simple interface that has become addictive for most users. It is the best problem-solving game that includes the best features and functions for every user of this game.

This game is best for enhancing your mind’s capability and focusing. The combination of elements of puzzle and physics games makes this a gaming platform. This game can waste your productive time with its unique features. This fantastic game can be installed from resources like the Steam Store.

TypePuzzler Gaming Platform
DeveloperWildfire Studio
PublisherGamehouse, Big Fish, Atari
ReleasedMay 18, 2005
SourceSteam Store

Bejeweled Classic

Bejeweled Classic

Bejeweled Classic is a popular puzzle video game developed and published by PopCap Games, Electronics Arts. The game was designed by Jason Kapalka and composed by Peter Hajba. In this game, the main goal is to swap two neighboring gems of the seven colors, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and white, to form a line or row of three or more gems.

Once the gems are lined up, they vanish. Bonus points are awarded for lining up more than four gems or simultaneously performing several matches. Gems above the game board tumble downward when cleared from the board. The hint button allows the players to locate the game. You can install it from the Play Store Link and iOS link.

PlatformBejeweled Classic
TypePuzzle Video Game
DeveloperPopCap Games
PublisherPopCap Games, Electronic Arts
DesignerJason Kapalua
ComposerPeter Hajba
SourceGoogle Play Store, Apple Store

Marble Woka Woka

Marble Woka Woka

Marble Woka Woka is a well-known gaming platform developed by Android and published by two desperados. It is a marble shooter game that does not require any charges to play. The main objective is to match three or more marbles of the same color before they reach the hole.

By completing levels, the players can access new features and unique balls in the game. Through combination creation, players can produce several unique balls. In this game, you can get many rewards depending on your progression if the players can access five distinct boosters.

The players who complete tasks can obtain them for free. You can install it from the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

PlatformMarble Woka Woka
TypeMarble Shooter Game
PublisherTwo Desperados
SourceGoogle Play Store, Apple Store

Peggle Deluxe

Peggle Deluxe

Peggle is one of the most popular games for players around the world. It is a casual puzzle video game that PopCap Games developed. The game was initially released in 2007. Peggle Deluxe supports multiplayer and was inspired by Pachinko, a bagatelle. It contains almost fifty-five stages.

You have to waste many hours to cross these stages. This game aims to exclude all the orange pegs but also expects your balls to fall into the moving basket to collect more points and free balls. This game also offers beautiful animation and music for the best experience. You can get this game from its Steam Link.

PlatformPeggle Deluxe
TypePuzzle video game
DeveloperPopCap Games
SourceSteam Link

Sparkle 2

Sparkle 2

Sparkle 2 is a known gaming platform developed and published by 10tons Ltd on June 6, 2013. This game contains almost 90+ levels, which means it will take many hours to complete. The main objective of this game is to match three or more colorful balls. This action is done by shooting the balls from the ancient tomb. 

This game gains its popularity by containing the best features and functions. This has also won awards because of its millions of players worldwide. You can also install it from the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

PlatformSparkle 2
TypeMatching game
Developer10tons Ltd
Publisher10tons Ltd
ReleasedJune 6, 2013
SourceGoogle Play Store, Apple Store

Frog Blast

Frog Blast

Frog Blast is one of the best bubble shooter puzzle games developed by an innovative team. Playing this game on your phone is the best way to relieve stress and relax. It is also the best way to improve your mind’s capability and focus. The famous match-3 Shoot games inspire Frog Blast for many users. 

The primary purpose of this game is to save the black skull from falling balls of different colors at high speed. Thus, you have to shoot a ball of the same color to the group, otherwise, you can lose this game. You are supposed to destroy the maximum number of balls to collect ultimate gold coins and bonuses. 

Overall, this game is a good source of entertainment for users. It can be downloaded from the Apple Store.

PlatformFrog Blast
TypeShooter puzzle game
SourceApple Store
DeveloperInnovative team

Peggle Blast

Peggle Blast

Peggle Blast is a popular game developed by PopCap Games and published by Electronics Arts on December 2, 2014. It’s a ball-and-peg blasting puzzler game. This is the second game this franchise offers and never demands any charges, and you can play it freely. This platform contains a straightforward method to play this game, allowing everyone to enjoy it without hassle. 

To play this game, you can immerse yourself in the glittering worlds of Puzzles. It contains almost 200 stages, which means it would take many hours to complete. The players must hit 25 orange pegs to complete each level. At some levels, the players are required to drop gems to make progress. 

Thus, this game provides the best entertainment for users. This game can be installed from Google Play Store and Apple Store.

PlatformPeggle Blast
TypeBlasting Puzzle Game
DeveloperPopCap Games
PublisherElectronic Arts
InterfaceUser-Friendly Interface
SourceGoogle Play Store, Apple Store

What is the Zuma Deluxe Game?

What is the Zuma Deluxe Game

Zuma Deluxe is a title-matching puzzle video game developed by Oberon Media and publisher PopCap Games on December 12, 2003. Jason Kapalka designed the game. Only single players can play this game anytime and do not charge anything. The purpose of this game is to exclude all the colored balls falling on the skull structure. 

The interface of this game is so simple and attractive that it allows every user to play it very conveniently. This platform offers two modes to play this game: survival and adventure. In survival mode, the user has to play it for a long time. In adventure mode, users have to cross different levels. 

Zuma Deluxe Gameplay?

In this game, you must control the frog to save the hole from the falling balls. The main goal of this game is to throw the ball to reach the hole. The frog can die if three or more balls enter the hole simultaneously.

There are two modes of this game: adventure and survival. In survival mode, the users must play for a long time for the progression. In the adventure mode, you must go through different levels to reach the end stage.


Zuma Deluxe is one of the best matching puzzle video games Oberon Media developed. It was published by PopCap Games and designed by Jason Kapalka in 2003. This platform supports only single players. The main objective of this game is to protect the skull structure from falling balls. The interface of this game is convenient and straightforward.

You can play this game without any charges. I have also discussed some of the alternatives of this platform, which can be used in the absence of Zuma Deluxe Gameplay. You can adopt these platforms to replace Zuma Deluxe for playing in your spare time.

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