Magic Pen: Top 10 Alternative Puzzle Games for Children

Video games with puzzle elements, like Magic Pen, keep players captivated. You will find ten alternative magic pen games on this platform to keep you interested and prevent you from leaving. These alternatives also link you to iOS or Android apps to expand your knowledge base. 

10 Magic Pen Game Alternatives

10 Magic Pen Game Alternatives are Algodoo, Crayon Physics Deluxe, Scribblenauts, Drawn To Life, Doodle Magic Pen, Magical Pen, PENUP, Draw it, Draw With Friends Multiplayer, BeeArtist, etc.



Algodoo is a 2D freeware sandbox with a physics theme from Algoryx Simulation AB (sometimes called Algoryx). In addition to being an open-ended computer game, it was introduced on September 1, 2009, and its uses include education, animation, engineering, and learning.

The game works with touchscreens, interactive whiteboards like Smart Boards, and desktop and laptop PCs. An altered version of the Smoothed-Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) computing technique and Claude Lacoursiere’s Spook linear constraint solver are employed by Algodoo’s physics engine. It costs £4.99 on the App Store and is exclusive to iPads.

Many people, including instructors, students, and young people, have used this program.  Because of its simplicity, affordability, and availability as a free download, Algodoo has remained a well-liked option for physics sandbox software on websites such as List Of Freeware and Download Cloud.

DevelopersAlgoryx Simulation AB
TypePhysics Sandbox
Available in11 languages

Crayon Physics Deluxe

Crayon Physics Deluxe

Petri Purho created the puzzle video game Crayon Physics Deluxe, which was published on January 7, 2009. It focuses on two-dimensional physics simulations covering momentum transfer, mass, kinetic energy, and gravity. In addition to having a level editor, the game lets users download and share original content using an internet platform.

In Crayon Physics Deluxe, the goal of every level is to direct a ball from a starting point and have it touch every star on the board. In certain stages, rockets emerge and can be utilized to advance the player’s progress further. Players can also click to move the ball to the left or right.

Each task in the game requires players to think outside the box. Creative solutions that avoid using “mechanical force methods” will earn them extra rewards. In addition to having over seventy levels, it has an online Playground where users may submit and download their custom levels and a level editor.

NameCrayon Physics Deluxe
DevelopersPetri Purho
PlatformiOS, Android, Windows, Linux, Mac OS X



In the emergent puzzle game series Scribblenauts, players assume control of Maxwell, a little child with a magical notebook that can create anything he writes in. Players must summon multiple objects using the notebook to solve puzzles and earn “Starites,” a special kind of star.

In Scribblenauts, puzzles usually have several possible answers, and players are encouraged to think creatively. Unlike Scribblenauts Unlimited and Unmasked, which adopted a more open-world strategy with many puzzles for the participant to solve at each level, the first three games were split into linear stages.

Players can use a rotary wheel or keyboard interface to summon objects by typing the object they want to call out. The game recognizes the most graphic language, gore, and copyrighted content in hundreds of words.

GenreAction puzzle platform
PlatformiOS, Android
Release Date15th Sep 2009

Drawn To Life

Drawn To Life

Playable characters, weapons, accessories, platforms, and other things can all be drawn in the 2D game Drawn To Life. There are three distinct ways to play the game: village, adventure, and sketch mode.

In village mode, the player will engage in minigames, participate in a town celebration, look for a thief, and support the Raposa throughout the game. The goal for the upcoming Adventure Mode level is revealed to players now.

The “meat” of the game is in Adventure Mode. Here, the player engages in combat with competitors, protects Raposa, and gathers treasure. Players create custom platforms to overcome the challenge and find the Exit Gate.

Players utilize touchscreens for input. Objects drawn in the game will come to life, as well as the hero himself. The user can create up to three distinct humanoid heroes using patterns, colors, and stamps.

NameDrawn To Life
GenreAction, adventure, puzzle platform
PlatformAndroid, iOS
Release Date10th Sep 2007

Doodle Magic Pen 

Doodle Magic Pen

With the help of basic doodle techniques, you may do incredible things on your canvas with the magic drawing game “Doodle Magic Pen.” In this rapid drawing game, simple sketching will also help you learn how to draw many things you never would have imagined you could.

Doodle Magic is a fascinating and incredibly controllable drawing game. It offers a world of imaginative sketching for all. You must draw anything you desire to make beautiful Mandala flowers and mystical kaleidoscope patterns. The most crucial feature is the ability to replay the drawing process as a cartoon.

NameDoodle Magic Pen
PlatformAndroid, iOS

Magical Pen 

Magical Pen

An extremely geeky physics-based doodling game is called “Magic Pen Game.” It is captivating and ideal for those who are easily bored in society. You must use only the shapes you create to move a large red ball across the screen to succeed in this game.

You may add hinges and pins to this game; if you make a mistake, you can even undo it. Remember that using a mouse to play this game is tricky; graphical tablets and touchscreens work best for this entertainment.

NameMagical Pen
TypePuzzle game



A unique social network called PENUP uses photos taken with Samsung’s Pen. It enables you to share your works of art with friends and other imaginative people worldwide. You can view postings from users you follow in the stream of posts. Both you and other users can receive and provide feedback on your postings. 

Posts from a few of the world’s top artists can be seen in the “Hall of Fame” collection. Any post can also be favorited, which puts it on your list and facilitates easy access. You may view the people you join or follow you directly from your user profile.

With PENUP, an artistic social network, you may share the finest of your work with the world, and the public will convey the best of your art. 

DevelopersSamsung Electronics
Operating systemAndroid
Release DateSep 2013

Draw it 

Draw it 

Draw it puts you in a sketching fight with four strangers. Every round, two words are presented to every player. You will sketch your words on your phone’s screen and must brush up on your drawing abilities. After making the correct guess, you proceed to the following round with two more words.

You can skip to the next round if you cannot draw a word (you can skip up to three times). All players are running out of time, so whoever can finish the most rounds in that amount of time wins. You can spend the coins you earn from each of the games you play to unlock more word packs.

Drawing and guessing games can be played online with the help of an application called Draw It. Each player draws an image in response to a suggestion; the other players must guess what each picture represents. Regarding child safety, Draw it is thought to be secure for most kids to use.

NameDraw it
GenrePuzzle game
PlatformAndroid, iOS
Release Date28th April 2018

Draw With Friends Multiplayer 

Draw With Friends Multiplayer

You can play an online game called Draw with Friends where you have to draw words and guess what others have drawn. You can select from three thrilling game modes: classic 1v1 matches against one competitor, real-time matches against three other players, or the endless fun of Party Mode, where guessing and drawing are endless.

The four-player mode throws you against three competitors in a real-time drawing contest where you must guess each other’s drawings. You must draw your word quickly to receive points for accurate guesses because a countdown is running out.

Take caution, though, as other players may not be able to interpret your drawing accurately, and you will lose points if it is unclear. Keep your mind on yourself and try to win because the game finishes when everyone has drawn and guessed. In this enjoyable mode, speed is crucial. 

NameDraw With Friends Multiplayer
CategoryPuzzle game
CompatibilityiOS, Android



A kid-friendly educational activity is called BeeArtist. It’s an online coloring resource with dragons and unicorns appropriate for both boys and girls. Kids may follow alongside animated, color-coded strokes in this instructional game to figure out how to draw correctly.

Global score and a mystery progression mode will stimulate kids’ curiosity and encourage them to keep playing. More than 100 funny and unique illustrations featuring animals, toys, fantasy heroes, flowers, and plants. 

Parents and teachers may instantly assess the advancement and most practiced drawings with the help of the five color-coded development levels associated with each drawing. Three distinct profile spaces, each featuring fifty amusing pictures and customizable names, will store the settings and progress separately.


About Magic Pen Game 

In the online version of Magic Pen Game, your task is to draw objects with your mouse to build bridges and direct a red ball toward a flag. The ball will move when you make and drop forms, and you may make more complicated items with both fixed and moveable hinges for challenging moves.

The three fundamental concepts of gravity, inertia, and friction impact the shapes you create. You can sketch practically any shape of everything, and Magic Pen will instantly reduce any sharp edges you draw. You only need to click to begin drawing because the game is mouse-driven.

NameMagic Pen Game
PlatformAndroid, iOS
Released date2021


The gameplay of Magic Pen can be described as follows:

The red ball (or red square on some rounds) does the flag collection. Draw the items so the ball moves in the desired direction. To sketch an object, use the mouse. Drawing inside other objects is not allowed. Holding down the left mouse button, draw a circle. 

Hinge systems and pins can be used to connect two items. Press and hold S to insert a pin into an object.  Draw another thing on the pin to join the two objects. Hold D to draw a hinge; it works the same as with a pin, except that now the two objects can rotate around each other. Hold down A as you left-click a shape to erase a single object. Press the space to restart the level.


Playing games like Magic Pen is a great way to increase kids’ imagination because they are entertaining and captivating. In this blog post, you may find ten games comparable to magic pen games. Puzzle games are a feature of these titles to keep their fans engaged.

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